Cooling Technologies



open system

low pressure

direct air conditioning

minimal operational costs

durable cost-efficient components

assembly type mass production

modest maintenance

earth-friendly refrigerant;

pocket-friendly electric


air refrigerant

zero global warming potential

NO ozone depletion


A Revolutionary Technology... .

to STOP Rapid Climate Change !!! !


         We     ADCT


  • Centrifugal Compressor – An invention for using a unique kind of compressor by means of rotating concentric air tanks; with air inlets that take in enough air molecules for compression in said air tanks. As an offshoot of the compression of air, generated heat is separated /removed from the molecules /attendant moisture; the heat is then thrown out into the atmosphere. The resultant air-moisture molecules with less heat are simultaneously allowed to expand to become cold air.   The volume of cold air is made to escape through numerous calibrated discharged outlets; and, which are then directed back into the room for air conditioning purpose.


  • Air as medium for cooling – it does not make use of any chemical refrigerant since air is used as a refrigerating medium by compression. The inherent heat is removed and allowed to expand as cold air.


  • Open-System air conditioning – Air is abundant, free, non-toxic and with zero global warming potential; a portion of air inside a room or targeted space is taken into the centrifugal compressor and processed inside its air tanks. Then, the same is fully discharged as cold air directly back into the room. This yields very high efficiency for energy usage.

       It does not require air molecules as refrigerant to be contained in a closed-system           air conditioning that needs a chemical refrigerant to cool the system; said system is         then used to subsequently cool the passing air which is made to circulate repeatedly       from and to a room.




  • Low Pressure Compression – It enables simple design of components with no lubrication except that of the electric motor and bearings.


  • Cost-efficient components – using reliable materials, it allows low maintenance cost and availability of parts.


  • Very Low Energy Consumption – it uses an electric motor with a relatively much lower power requirement of 150 watts versus 1,200w – 1,500 watts of ordinary air conditioners.


  • ZERO Global Warming Potential –Timely Answer to Looming Rapid Climate Change due to widespread worldwide use of chemical refrigerants. Per the United Nations Kigali Amendment to Montreal Protocol, the phase down of the production /distribution of chemical refrigerants is mandated starting January, 2019.

  • NO Ozone Depletion Threat – An excellent substitute to chemical refrigerants that damage our Earth's ozone layer.


Efficient and affordable to operate air conditioning units are vital for both developed and developing countries to reduce detrimental environmental and health effects of HFCs and other chemicals used as  cooling medium.


Said chemical refrigerants are considered as super greenhouse gases; one kilogram of HFC is equivalent to up to as much as 20,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide with respect to global warming potential.


As recently agreed upon and signed by countries of the United Nations, harmful HFCs and the likes are now mandated to be phased down  by the amended Montreal Protocol beginning January 2019.



Existing air conditioning units are based on a less efficient closed-system air conditioning technology which uses piston or rotary compressors that require high pressure compression and relatively low volume capability. This widespread practice in effect translates to a lot of energy consumption. As such, closed-system redounds to expensive operational costs to users ___ and even prohibitive to those wishing to avail of air conditioning.


It is perhaps because before in earlier years: energy costs were considered cheap; usability, productivity and/or functionality were the main consideration/s.



Global Warming with its accompanying climate change consequence and ever increasing worldwide temperatures is becoming more pronounced, which continuously become devastatingly worse --- with no end in sight.


The need for affordably operating air conditioners with pocket friendly very low energy consumption of 150 watts versus 1,200w – 1,500 watts is becoming critically important to a very big majority of humans.  


More important to note: The desired earth friendly use of a natural refrigerant air conditioning will effectively be ascertained --- by effectually substituting the chemical refrigerants with air-moisture cooling medium.


           The immediately aforementioned twin objectives are easily achieved by AirDisc Cooling Technology initially via AirDisc Air Conditioning Technology.



When you commit to ADCT AirDisc Cooling Technology: The grave danger of rapid climate change engulfing our world because of harmful chemical refrigerants will NOT come to pass.



Air Conditioning Technology



AirDisc Air Conditioners avail of a technology that is based on a scientific fact that when air molecules are compressed, they generate heat.


Air molecules that are taken from a given room are simply compressed; after direct heat removal, the air molecules are then fully discharged back into the room as cold air.


As such, this technology uses a low power rating electric motor that gives users the benefit of low energy consumption.



Plus, it provides an invaluable bonus of helping preclude Rapid Climate Change, effectively.


           WHY ? … .


AirDisc Air Conditioning Technology offers air molecules as cooling medium instead of availing of chemical refrigerants that are man-made, expensive, toxic and hazardous. These super greenhouse chemicals are grave threats to our climate because of their huge global warming potentials that run thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide.


Are you even aware of the imminence of rapid climate change that is now and will bring untold and unimaginable sufferings ?











  • World Inventors Contest 2017 Gold Medalist (Seoul, South Korea) IFIA accredited

  • World Inventors Association 2017 Awardee (Seoul, South Korea)

  • International RMC Young Scientists' Contest and Exhibition 2017 Silver Medalist (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  • International Young Inventors Award 2017 Silver Medalist (Jakarta, Indonesia)

  • International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada 2017 Gold Medalist (Toronto, Canada)

  • International Intellectual Property Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition 2018 Gold Medalist (Bangkok, Thailand)

  • China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers 2018 Awardee (China)

  • Leading Innovation Award from IIPNF (Malaysia)

  • Eurobusiness International Leadership Award (Haller, Poland)

  • China Association of Invention International Leadership Award (China)

  • MyRIS Leadership Excellence Award (Malaysia)

  • National Research Council of Thailand Leading Student Award (Thailand)

  • INNOPA Leading Innovator Award (Indonesia)

  • WIIPA International Leadership Award (Taiwan)

  • WIIPA Best Invention Award (Taiwan)

  • MyRIS Special Citation for the Best Invention (Malaysia)

  • FIR International Best Young Inventor (Romania)

  • DOST Youth Excellence in Science Award 2018 (Philippines)

  • Jesse M. Robredo Youth Awardee 2018 (Naga City, Camarines Sur)

  • Super Science High School Fair 2015 Philippine Representative (Osaka, Japan)  

  • Bitgaram International Exposition of Electrical Power Technology (BIXPO) 2018 Top 1 International Inventor (Gwanju, South Korea)

  • Bitgaram International Exposition of Electrical Power Technology (BIXPO) 2018 Gold Medalist (Gwanju, South Korea)

  • FEED Best Inventor/Invention Award (Morocco)

  • Balkan Association Outstanding Award (Balkan Region)

  • Singapore Citizen Innovation Outstanding Award (Singapore)

  • Hult Prize DLSU Manila First Runner Up De La Salle University (Manila, Philippines)

  • Hult Prize Regionals Qualifier International Competitor (Shanghai, China)

  • Total Philippines Startupper of the Year National Qualifier (Philippines)

  • Global Grad Show 2019 Selected Exhibitor (Dubai)

  • James Dyson Award 2019 National Winner (Philippines)


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